Detail from cartoon inspired by the rubber-gloves raid on the RVT © Cath Jackson 1987

The police wore rubber gloves (part 1 of 3)

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What a sensational 1987 raid on the RVT reveals about the limits of 1967 reform and the ongoing fight for queer equality. Part one of three.

How the Economist got it wrong on queer venue closures

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Blaming dating apps and social change is misleading and dangerous. Time for some myth-busting.

Simon Casson on Duckie’s 21st birthday

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A Q&A for Run Riot about middle-aged punters, neurodivergent cool kids and Amy Lamé becoming London’s Night Czar.

Putting Words in Your Mouth by Scottee at the Roundhouse featuring Lasana Shabazz

Q&A with Scottee for Run Riot

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An interview about Putting Words in Your Mouth, a provocative new theatre piece at the Roundhouse dealing with diversity within the LGBTQ scene.

Amy Lamé photographed by Chris Redgrave at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern for Historic England's I Am London exhibition

Amy Lamé is London’s first Night Czar

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The Duckie co-founder and Royal Vauxhall Tavern campaigner will work with City Hall to shape London as a 24-hour city.

Meow Meow’s intensified spectacle

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The kamikaze chanteuse on orchestrated chaos at the Royal Festival Hall, Emma Rice’s departure from the Globe, and working with Barry Humphries

Q&A with Marisa Carnesky for Run Riot

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The maverick showwoman on the importance of underground education, art as activism and menstrual ritual for Christmas.

Q&A with Bourgeois & Maurice for Run Riot

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Is humanity worth saving? The musical satirists think it’s worth a punt

The Prime of Ms David Hoyle post-show round-up

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A look back on the David Hoyle show I worked on at Chelsea Theatre, including pictures, ideas from the audience and press coverage.

The Prime of Ms David Hoyle at Chelsea Theatre, September 14 2016, with David Hoyle, Simone Simone (Thom Shaw) and Prefect Ben (Ben Walters)

Why David Hoyle is the best teacher you never had

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A cabaret show I helped create, The Prime of Ms David Hoyle, explores alternative, utopian sources of education