Edinburgh Fringe 2017: Scotsman reviews (pt 2)

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Another half-dozen of my reviews for the Scotsman are now online. There’s no single link to reviews by critic on their website so I thought I’ve compiled them here.

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Reuben Kaye
A remarkable feat of expressive queerness achieved without remotely dialling down the razzle-dazzle, skipping a high note or missing a highly comic beat
Read the full Scotsman review here.

Dr Carnesky’s Incredible Bleeding Woman
Marisa Carnesky and her troupe of radical showwomen find the magic in the menstrual in a personal, political, provocative and entertaining multidimensional journey
Read the full Scotsman review here.

Jon Pointing: Act Natural
This consistently hilarious faux masterclass with egotistical acting coach Cayden Hunter is a superb and layered exercise in character comedy
Read the full Scotsman review here.

This late-night cabaret showcase is packed and noisy, rowdy and messy, queerly experimental and reassuringly different 
Read the Full Scotsman review here.



Cross Fit
Tone the other cheek! Jesus L’Oréal Christ is back with another high-energy combo of gorgeous hair, fat-burning work-outs, pop pastiche and biblical rewrites
Read the full Scotsman review here.

Prom Kween
Buzzy, poppy, semi-satirical high-school musical full of snappy, empowering numbers but less interested in the true story of non-binary experience that inspired it
Read the full Scotsman review here.


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